Building automation system

Throughout history, building designs have changed to address social issues and needs. A century ago this could be seen by the invention of skyscrapers. Today this can be seen by the growing trend of energy efficiency within buildings via building automation systems. Building designers are finding ways to minimize a buildings operating costs while also increasing their functionality.

In the next 4 years, the demand for controlled HVAC systems is projected to grow by 7% worldwide. Many companies will be replacing older, costly systems with less costly, energy efficient systems. Savings in these new systems will come from energy efficiency as well as from the ease of maintenance and installation of these new systems. Companies like Automation Components Inc (ACI) aim to provide Building Automation products that will provide long term value to a customer.

ACI Products Provide Long Term Value to Customers

Automation Components Inc (ACI) is creating, manufacturing, and distributing cutting edge building automation sensors for automated HVAC control systems. These Sensors provide value to customers for several reasons:

  1. Simple to Use: ACI products are designed with their specific application in mind. Product designs and installation instructions are tested within the company and with selected customers before a product is released. ACI’s design team is the best at creating sensors that are easy to install and maintain
  2. Field Tested: ACI field tests products in real life applications to make sure that each piece works with components of an existing building automation systems. Determining if and how a product might fail while working in a system saves customers time, energy, and money.
  3. Easily Maintained: When a part needs to be repaired or maintained in a building automation system, it is important that this can be done quickly and efficiently. ACI products are designed to be maintained and repaired easily. This leads to less down time in a BAS and saves customers time and money.

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