KMC Commander

Enhanced technology is now here after KMC Controls has partnered with Dell to allow building owners to view their energy usage and much more straight through their mobile device. What better feeling than knowing that the system you have on your building is working properly and actually being efficient. What better way to see the control system working than having it right there on your mobile device. Finally you are able to see what is going on throughout your building without having to go anywhere. Stuck at home and cannot get away? No need to worry, just pull up the application on your mobile device and do what you need to do to satisfy your employees or clients.

Partnering with Dell has allowed KMC Controls to do three things for their customers: Reduce operating expenses, Reduce energy expenses, and all that while maintaining the building at a good comfort level for everyone. An unbelievable 5 million buildings across the United States do not have a control system. On average a building uses 15 to 30% more energy than in needs too. Can you imagine cutting your energy bill as well as operating expenses down by 30%? Why not trust a system that you can regulate on your mobile device to ensure full potential of your energy usage throughout your building.

How does it work? It’s simple! KMC Controls throughout your building will carry signals from sensors and meters to a cloud so that analytics can be ran on the data. After the analysis of the data takes place it is then sent to your mobile device which allows you to view everything that is going on throughout your building right there in front of you. KMC Controls has realized that to make this a good solution to your buildings problems that it has to be very sealable, and that is to make it affordable to small buildings but also being able to scale it to whatever the building size may be. So is KMC Controls your solution, or are you going to keep spending 15 to 30% more money on energy usage?

~Wendell Isgett