Belimo Fire and Smoke Actuator

When dealing with people their safety is highly important! So, why not trust the fire smoke damper actuators made by Belimo. Belimo is the leading industry when it comes to making fire smoke damper actuators. You may ask why? Well, it’s simply the best out there. Why would someone not want the best fire smoke detection plan for their employee’s? Why wouldn’t you want to keep your building from filling up with smoke? The answer to those questions is you wouldn’t! That’s why Belimo’s fire ventilation system is trusted all over the world.

Belimo stands behind their products with a 5 year warranty and also provides a system that can be tested to make sure all dampers are closing during the detection of smoke which is another positive to having this ventilation system. Having a system that can be tested is well worth the safety of your employee’s. Their system is also very simple. A smoke detector or a fire smoke duct detector alerts the dampers to close in the presence of smoke. All ventilation systems are installed with similar concepts but none have the quality of products like Belimo’s actuators. That is why year after year they are leading in the fire and smoke damper actuator industry.

There is nothing like knowing that you and yours are safe during an emergency. When looking at the big picture, it is well worth someone’s life to have this system installed. So are you going to trust that your employees can just run fast enough to escape a burning building or are you going to trust a system that will allow them to exit safely without ever breathing in smoke? You don’t want to live with regret so why not install the Belimo fire ventilating system to ensure that your building, your employee’s, and that you are safe if there happens to ever be an emergency.

~Wendell Isgett