Sandlapper Controls SCI-MRB-8-24VAC, Mechanical Relay Board


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The MRB Mechanical Relay Board is available in an 8-gang version. The board features status LEDs and a label with writeable surface where you can mark the name of each output.

The relay coils are low power, requiring 20ma at 24VAC. Each SPST relay is rated at 12A/125VAC, 6A/250VAC. The coils are configured as sourcing with a common ground. The terminals are pluggable with full floating cage type wire clamp which grip the wire firmly, not the lower cost spring terminal style.


  • Works with positive and negative ground systems.
  • Modes: common switched 24VAC or dry contact.
  • UR approved components
  • Panel mount base, removable face plate
  • LED for each low voltage relay

Note: The unit has not been to UL testing, so it is limited to class 2 applications- 4A/24VAC loads.


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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


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