Veris GWN Series

Management of NO2 and CO Levels in Confined Spaces:

As the population in a city grows, so do the emissions of NO2 and CO in the city. Vehicles, furnaces, generators, and water heaters all emit NO2 and/or CO. These are harmful gasses that can cause adverse health effects in people who are exposed to heavy concentrations of these gases. It is extremely important to monitor and control these gas levels in confined spaces such as parking garages, service garages, loading /unloading zones, vehicle bays, etc. Veris Industries has designed the GWN series gas platform using AG series NO2 and CO sensors that can help protect people from high gas levels while cutting overall project costs.

How Does NO2 and CO Affect Human Health

Up to 80% of NO2 in cities comes from vehicle exhaust. The main effect of breathing this gas in high concentrations is respiratory problems. NO2 inflames the linings of the lungs and can contribute to colds, bronchitis, flu, and chronic wheezing and coughing. It can have a significant impact on people with asthma causing more frequent and more intense attacks.
CO is produced every time something is burned. When inhaled in large amounts, CO reduces the amount of oxygen that can be transported in the blood stream to organs like the heart and brains. At high levels, CO can cause dizziness, confusion, and even death.

Veris GWN Series Monitors NO2 and CO Levels and Automates Ventilation as Needed

Veris NO2 AG sensors are used to monitor spaces where diesel power engines are used including parking garages, vehicle bays, and loading/unloading zones. CO sensors are used for monitoring spaces where gasoline engines are used. These areas are normally near furnaces, water heaters, and generators.
The GWN Series gas platform offers a convenient means for sensing gases in the environment. This platform converts gas sensor readings into a signal that is compatible with control systems. To operate, the GWN must be used with a Veris AG Series gas sensor. The GWN platform has a connector for mounting a single AG series sensor. The AG series sensor can be replaced at any time without removing the GWN from its installed location. Simply remove the GWN cover, replace the AG sensor inside and reinstall the cover. The GWN platform is warranted for 5 years, the gas sensors have a 2 year warranty.


Veris GWN Series Provide Protection and Cut Overall Project Cost

1. The GWN series features a status indication LED’s and Relay outputs. These provide low, high, and sensor end-of-life signals.
2. Provides easy sensor replacement with removable element.
3. This CO and NO2 Sensor series features field selectable output and setpoint allowing the installer to adjust to the application. This prevents the purchase of multiple products.
4. The Veris GWN Series sensors have removable terminal blocks. This meant the unit can be removed for easy maintenance or sensor replacement.
5. This product fits the need for a wide array or projects. Standalone, or integrate into a control system via 4-20mA, 0-5V, or 0-10V with relay or relay only.


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