As of June 1, 2017, ACI will phase out and replace the A/DP2 and A/LP2 Differential Pressure Sensors from our Pressure Sensor Product Line. ACI’s Design Team has worked hard to replace these products with a subsequent series with additional features from both the A/DP2 and A/LP2. The brand-new A/DLP Differential Low Pressure Sensor product series features the following: New enclosure with hinged cover for easy access Improved accuracies (± 0.50% or ± 0.25% FSO) Pitot tube and DIN rail clip accessories Field selectable ranges and outputs Pushbutton zero function Spring-loaded terminals Ranges up to 40” w.c. A larger LCD display   The new A/DLPRead More →

Siemens HVAC Building Controls

Often times around a work place whether it be in an office, hospital, factory, or anywhere where people are gathered one will often hear questions arise such as “are you hot?”, “are you cold?”, or “it’s freezing in here!”. What most companies and agencies do not realize is that the more comfortable and satisfied the employees are with the temperature around them the more efficient and more productive they will be. Often times people miss out on opportunities because they are not aware there are such things out there that will solve their comfort problems. Siemens building technologies is a proven way to be sureRead More →

KMC Commander

Enhanced technology is now here after KMC Controls has partnered with Dell to allow building owners to view their energy usage and much more straight through their mobile device. What better feeling than knowing that the system you have on your building is working properly and actually being efficient. What better way to see the control system working than having it right there on your mobile device. Finally you are able to see what is going on throughout your building without having to go anywhere. Stuck at home and cannot get away? No need to worry, just pull up the application on your mobile deviceRead More →

Belimo Fire and Smoke Actuator

When dealing with people their safety is highly important! So, why not trust the fire smoke damper actuators made by Belimo. Belimo is the leading industry when it comes to making fire smoke damper actuators. You may ask why? Well, it’s simply the best out there. Why would someone not want the best fire smoke detection plan for their employee’s? Why wouldn’t you want to keep your building from filling up with smoke? The answer to those questions is you wouldn’t! That’s why Belimo’s fire ventilation system is trusted all over the world. Belimo stands behind their products with a 5 year warranty and alsoRead More →

Veris GWN Series

Management of NO2 and CO Levels in Confined Spaces: As the population in a city grows, so do the emissions of NO2 and CO in the city. Vehicles, furnaces, generators, and water heaters all emit NO2 and/or CO. These are harmful gasses that can cause adverse health effects in people who are exposed to heavy concentrations of these gases. It is extremely important to monitor and control these gas levels in confined spaces such as parking garages, service garages, loading /unloading zones, vehicle bays, etc. Veris Industries has designed the GWN series gas platform using AG series NO2 and CO sensors that can help protectRead More →

Building automation system

Throughout history, building designs have changed to address social issues and needs. A century ago this could be seen by the invention of skyscrapers. Today this can be seen by the growing trend of energy efficiency within buildings via building automation systems. Building designers are finding ways to minimize a buildings operating costs while also increasing their functionality. In the next 4 years, the demand for controlled HVAC systems is projected to grow by 7% worldwide. Many companies will be replacing older, costly systems with less costly, energy efficient systems. Savings in these new systems will come from energy efficiency as well as from theRead More →